Rocky Patel Number 6 Cigars/洛基·帕特尔6号系列雪茄


雪茄产地: Honduras/洪都拉斯
制 造 商 : Rocky Patel/洛基·帕特尔
雪茄形状: 请选择
雪茄浓度: Medium/中度
茄衣产地: Honduras/h洪都拉斯
茄衣颜色: Colorado/科罗拉多
茄衣类型: Honduran Corojo/洪都拉斯棕榈
包装数量: 20支装
包装类型: 木盒装


Churchill/丘吉尔 20支装 尺寸:7.0 X 48
Corona/皇冠 20支装 尺寸:6.0 X 44 皇冠尺寸在《雪茄客》2020年获得CA第9名!
Sixty Gordo/巨炮 20支装 尺寸:6.0 X 60
Robusto/硬汉 20支装 尺寸:5.5 X 50
Toro/公牛 20支装 尺寸:6.5 X 52


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Honduras is often the forgotten tobacco territory in the world of premium cigars, overshadowed by countries like Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic. But in the case of the Rocky Patel Number 6, Honduras and its rich, vibrant tobacco is put on full display, with particular emphasis on the Corojo-seed wrapper. Because the Corona is rolled in a 44 ring gauge, the Honduran cover leaf plays an especially large role, lending beautiful polish to the interior blend of tobacco from Honduras and Nicaragua.

The tobaccos come from the fields and inventories of the Plasencias, a family of prolific growers with vast operations in Central America. The result is a cohesive flavor profile that unfolds in tasty layers of vanilla, cocoa, orange peel and black pepper before finding harmony in the spicy, nutty finish.

The story behind the name isn’t nearly as complex. When smoking through prototype blends during development, brand owner Rocky Patel liked this one the best. It was one of a few prospects simply referred to as “blend no. 6.” For Patel, this was the winner, and rather than overthink the brand name or develop a lofty concept, he simply stuck with its working title. The Number 6 is one of the thinnest cigars on this year’s list, but a perfect format to fully express this assemblage of Honduran tobacco.



Churchill/丘吉尔, Corona/皇冠, Gordo/巨炮, Robusto/硬汉, Toro/公牛