Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary/洛基·帕特尔15周年


雪茄产地: Nicaragua/尼加拉瓜
制 造 商 : Rocky Patel/洛基·帕特尔
雪茄形状: 请选择~~~
雪茄浓度: Medium – Full/中度 – 浓郁
茄衣产地: Nicaragua/尼加拉瓜
茄衣颜色: Habano/哈巴那
茄衣类型: Ecuador Habano/厄瓜多尔哈巴那
包装数量: 20 支装
包装类型: 礼盒装


XO (Gordo)/XO巨炮 20支装 尺寸:6.0 X 60
Robusto /硬汉 20支装 尺寸:5.0 X 50
Toro/公牛 20支装 尺寸:5.5 X 52
Torpedo/鱼雷 20支装 尺寸:6.13 X 52 (这款鱼雷尺寸获得《雪茄客》CA2011年度第六名)


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Rocky Patel calls his Fifteenth Anniversary brand “a Decade on steroids.” We call it his best blend ever. Patel released the cigars in 2010, combining Nicaraguan tobaccos with high-priming Ecuador Habano wrappers. Patel says that some of the tobacco comes from a farm in Estelí that grows “some of the richest and spiciest tobaccos I’ve ever had.” Patel built his name on cigar brands rolled for him in Honduras by the Plasencia family and General Cigar Co., but this new brand is made in the Tabacalera Villa Cuba S.A. cigar factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. Patel is an owner in the factory, which is run by Amilcar Perez. The fabrica makes its cigars the Cuban way: entubado rolling, finishing with triple caps, and crafting with two binder leaves rather than one. The Rocky Patel Fifteenth Anniversary Torpedo is dark and box-pressed, with superb construction. Its lush draw is laden with coffee bean, cocoa and earthy flavors that grow in power as the cigar is puffed. This is the best finish ever in our Top 25 for a cigar from Rocky Patel.




Gordo/巨炮, Robusto/硬汉, Toro/公牛, Torpedo/鱼雷