Nub Cameroon Cigars/纳布喀麦隆雪茄


雪茄产地: Nicaragua/尼加拉瓜
制 造 商 : Oliva Cigar Co./奥利华雪茄公司
雪茄形状: 请选择
雪茄浓度: Medium/中度
茄衣产地: Cameroon/喀麦隆
茄衣颜色: Colorado Claro/科罗拉多·科拉罗
茄衣类型: Cameroon/喀麦隆
包装数量: 24 支装 没有铝管!
包装类型: 木盒装


NUB Cameroon 358/纳布喀麦隆358雪茄 24支装 尺寸:3.75 X 58
NUB Cameroon 460/纳布喀麦隆460雪茄 24支装 尺寸:4.0 X 60
NUB Cameroon 464 Torpedo/纳布喀麦隆464鱼雷雪茄 24支装 尺寸:4.0 X 64 鱼雷
NUB Cameroon 466 Box-Press Torpedo/纳布466方形鱼雷雪茄 24支装 尺寸:4.0 X 66 鱼雷


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Nub Cigar/NUB雪茄礼盒

Oliva Cigar Co., the makers of the Oliva Serie V – “Rated 94” and “The Top Cigar of the Year” by Cigar Aficionado – have introduced a new cigar innovation that is creating tremendous buzz.

“Nub”, is a genius concept that seeks to deliver only that most enjoyable part of the cigar. The idea for the nubs came from cigar enthusiast Sam Leccia’s theory that a cigar finds its “sweet spot” at the 3 ½ – 4 inch point. All “nub” cigars must exist within this window. No “nub” is longer than 4 inches.

The cigar starts at the sweet spot and gets better from there. The large ring gauge allows for a dense ash which insulates the cigar keeping it cool as you smoke. The large amount of smoke also allows you to really enjoy the complex flavors.

Grown in Cameroon Africa, this wrapper has a distinct flavor and character. Cameroon Wrapper is thin and toothy, yet it delivers rich notes of cedar and coffee. This blend is complimented by a 4×66 box pressed torpedo.




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